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When couples separate and finances, living arrangements and children are at stake it can take up to 2 years or more to resolve and the cost to each side can exceed £20,000 if they go to Court!  A course of Family mediation can often achieve a similar result in a matter of weeks or a few months at a fraction of the cost.

Simon Cooper of Cooper Law

simoncooperFamily law mediation services are a proven effective way to reach a civilised settlement in a less painful way.  Trained mediator Simon Cooper will help you make the right decisions for you and your family’s future.  He will work closely with you both, listen to all sides of the argument, and help you keep open the channels of communication and reach a dignified agreement while remaining impartial and keeping acrimony and costs to a minimum.

Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (called MIAM) is now legally required before Court proceedings can be started in most Family law cases, and this can be carried out on the telephone or by Skype.  At that meeting we will explain your options and advise you if we feel that mediation is suitable. If you both agree to proceed with family mediation we will advise you how long this is likely to take and the cost.

Expensive Court Hearings

Usually between three and six mediation sessions are required to reach a satisfactory outcome.  The hourly charge is £150 (no VAT) for each party and at the first meeting this charge is extended to 90 minutes.  On average each session lasts between 90 minutes to 2 hours so the cost is in the region of £450 to £600 per couple, plus the cost of analysing and preparing documents between the meetings.  This time scale is not guaranteed!  Each case is unique and some couples may need longer and others settle sooner.  Even if you work out the total cost over a number of meetings the cost is still a fraction of taking the matter to Court, not to mention the fact that most meetings will not exceed 2 hours, whereas a Court hearings often require both parties to spend whole days at Court, with the consequent loss of income and stress this causes!

Family Mediation

Our Family mediation service exists to achieve a fair outcome for both parties.  Simon is a practising Family lawyer who will use his skill and knowledge of the law and procedure to resolve matters amicably and swiftly.

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